Stacey Andrade has written several books of short stories that are sure to amuse you. Both books are for sale on for your convenience.

"Ha Ha -a- Go Go, Tales Two"

Stacey Andrade completes Ha Ha -a- Go Go, yet another fun-read   of short stories about life, love and living it up. Her tales reveal the humor and irony present in our everyday lives and will give you a giggle in spite of your self!

"Stacey's writing is charming and hilarious. A joy to read."                       - Duncan Gamble, Artistic Director, Allman Theater

"Funny and heartwarming. Just what the world needs."                            - Jimmy Brown, Director/Producer

Tales, Tails and More Tales

Tales, Tails and More Tales is Stacey Andrade's first book of short stories. Here is what people are saying about this delightful read:

"Stacey delivers irreverent and funny 'slice-of-life' stories that touch on husbands, fur children and 'little people' with laid back writing style. A fun Read."                                                                       - Roberta Tibbetts, Director/Producer

"Funny!  Funny!  Funny!"                                                                         - Kathryn G. McCarty, Playwright/Director

"Entertaining!  Witty and a joy to read. Anyone who has a pet will certainly identify with the whimsicality of the 'dog tales'. A true treasure chest of stories."                                                                         - Helen Means, Producer/Director Onstage Theater